Apple Says No to Rice for Wet iPhones

Apple Says No to Rice for Wet iPhones. Panic mode, right? But hold up, before you reach for that bag of rice, Apple’s got some advice: Don’t do it!

Rice Fix Myth Busted

You know that old trick of drying out a wet phone in a bag of rice? Yeah, it’s a no-go, says Apple. Despite its popularity, experts have been saying for ages that it’s not the way to go. And now, Apple’s chiming in, warning that those tiny rice bits could actually mess up your device even more.

So, what’s the move instead? Apple suggests gently tapping out any liquid, making sure the phone’s connector is facing down, and then just letting it air dry. Simple, right?

Other No-Nos

But wait, there’s more. Apple’s not just dissing rice bags. They’re also advising against using heat sources like hairdryers or putting foreign objects, like cotton swabs, into your phone. Basically, keep it natural, folks.

Their advice? Just leave your soggy phone in a dry spot with some airflow and let it do its thing. Once it’s all dried out, then you can plug it back in.

Future-Proof Phones?

Now, you might be wondering, why all this fuss? Well, turns out, newer smartphones are getting better at handling water. Apple’s been stepping up its game, with iPhones from the 12 series onwards able to survive underwater up to six meters deep for half an hour. That’s pretty impressive!

But, here’s the kicker: even with these fancy new features, there’s still a huge market for second-hand phones. So, until everyone’s rocking water-resistant devices, it looks like we’ll still need some good old-fashioned advice for dealing with wet phones.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to wet Iphone, skip the rice and go for the air dry. And remember, no heat sources or poking around with random objects. Just give it some time, let it dry naturally, and you should be good to go.